Advent Wreath Link-Up!

Welcome to the first annual Advent Wreath Link-Up with! Here’s a chance to share a little Advent beauty with everyone. Linking up is easy. Head over here to find a few wreaths that Sarah Reinhart posted on behalf of a few others. While you’re there, leave a link to your own blog post with…

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Link Up Opportunity: Advent Wreath Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! will be hosting an Advent wreath link-up in just a week, and I’d like you to participate! I love seeing how other people decorate their wreaths or how they’re placed. Some wreaths are fancy-schmancy, some are plain and understated. But the variety is always interesting. So here’s the deal: If you…

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I was super-busy last week with prepping for my Dominican meeting and class, and just dropped the Ball on Lawn Chair Catechism and everything! I’ll be doing a double-post this week on the last two chapters (separate links to make it easier), and probably updating you on Project Yummy Veggies as well as our quest…

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“It Could Help Her.”

These were words of great relief for me, hearing them from the therapist (whose doctoral dissertation was on ADHD) who had just spent the better part of an hour talking to us about my older daughter’s lack of concentration and focus. I wrote about our experiences here, and about how I’ve been dealing with behavior…

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