Writing Elsewhere: We Are All Nasara

Yesterday’s World View Wednesday at highlighted a project a dear friend started recently: Beginning after the war in Iraq, Christians have had a difficult time continuing to live in their ancient homeland. Radical Islamists have been persecuting them and pushing them out of their villages, often through terrorism — bombing churches, threatening those Christians…

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Snoozing During Adoration

I did not sleep well Tuesday night. I tossed and turned, catching a few minutes here and there, until midnight. I got up, grabbed my iPad, and started reading Stealing Jenny. Finally, about halfway through the book (and about 3 am), I felt tired enough that I could get to sleep. Unfortunately, Wednesday was not…

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Freely Choosing Love Over the World

My husband and I are on a little getaway while our children vacation with my parents this week. For Lauds today, I had this view instead of my usual altar. It was so peaceful that I easily sailed through the usual 5 minutes of meditation on the reading for this morning with very little of…

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Genius of the Church

I’ve started praying morning and evening prayers (Lauds and Vespers, respectively), and I’ve noticed a few things. First, I noticed that they dovetail quite nicely with the day’s Mass readings, and when you start with Lauds, move to Mass later in the day, then finish with Vespers, you see a real pattern and are able…

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Perfect Intellect and the Blessed Virgin Mary

Our family prayed the Rosary last night, and while meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries, I tried to ask God to help me develop certain qualities – ones that would help me be a better imitator of our Lord and His Blessed Mother. I was meditating on the Agony in the Garden, and I thought about…

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Anniversaries and Times and Seasons and Prayers

This Saturday is our anniversary: 17 years! My sweet husband likes to add, “16 of them happy,” with a wink, making a reference to my two agonizing pregnancies. It’s hard to believe we’ve really been married for 17 years now. December will mark 20 years of being together as a couple. That is half my…

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