Taking Ownership of the Magnificat

Those of us who pray Morning and Evening Prayers are familiar with the Gospel Canticles of Zechariah and the Blessed Virgin Mary. As Vespers nears it’s closure, we recite the beautiful Magnificat from the Gospel of Luke, which is the prayer Mary says in response to her cousin Elizabeth’s greeting. For a long time now,…

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Snoozing During Adoration

I did not sleep well Tuesday night. I tossed and turned, catching a few minutes here and there, until midnight. I got up, grabbed my iPad, and started reading Stealing Jenny. Finally, about halfway through the book (and about 3 am), I felt tired enough that I could get to sleep. Unfortunately, Wednesday was not…

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Freely Choosing Love Over the World

My husband and I are on a little getaway while our children vacation with my parents this week. For Lauds today, I had this view instead of my usual altar. It was so peaceful that I easily sailed through the usual 5 minutes of meditation on the reading for this morning with very little of…

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Genius of the Church

I’ve started praying morning and evening prayers (Lauds and Vespers, respectively), and I’ve noticed a few things. First, I noticed that they dovetail quite nicely with the day’s Mass readings, and when you start with Lauds, move to Mass later in the day, then finish with Vespers, you see a real pattern and are able…

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