Board Game Sunday

   This afternoon, we played “Taboo” with our kids. The game is great for forcing you to come up with synonyms for words so you don’t use any of the taboo words on the list. But the odd things our kids come up with make me laugh out loud sometimes. Today, our 16 year-old referred…

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Beauty and a Bikini Body

I saw a link to an article about Aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie brand, on Twitter, and after I went to their Instagram page, I was pleasantly surprised. My girls were THRILLED with what they saw, too. My favorite has to be this picture: How do you get a perfect bikini body? Put a bikini on…

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More people - including doctors - need to be aware of HG

Post from the Past: Hyperemesis Awareness Day

Today is HG Awareness Day, so I pulled up this post of mine from a few years ago. Hyperemesis is a serious medican condition, yet most people are unaware of it. I suffered from HG during both of my pregnancies, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.     Today, May 15, is…

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