The Great Writing Process Blog Tour!

Barb tagged me to take part in the Writing Process Blog Tour, and I agreed to participate. I did not, however, succeed in finding people to tag to further the tour! If you’re interested, I’ll edit this post to tag the first three people who’d like to take part. (And I’ll email you instructions, too.)…

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Simple Saturday: Smart, Geeky Kids

I got word back from Seton about my older daughter’s research paper this morning. Is there a stronger word than “proud” that I can use? My younger daughter had a sleepover last Friday night, which was a costume party, too. This was her costume: Don’t be surprised if this shows up again come October. Last…

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Seven Quick Takes: #7for7 Edition

Welcome to the 7 for 7  7 Quick Takes! (Maybe I should have called it Post 343.) Jennifer “The Awesome” Fulwiler hosts this shindig ever week, and I’m hoping her Seven Posts in Seven Days Challenge might spur me to participate more often. Yesterday’s 7 for 7 post was kind of heavy, so this is…

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Seven for Seven Challenge!

Or: Jennifer Fulwiler has another cool idea! To get her groove back after a grueling schedule of book-writing and baby-having, Jen has decided to challenge herself to blog for seven days in a row beginning tomorrow. She’s inviting her fellow bloggers to jump in and say yes to imperfection & just write! So I’m going…

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Ten Facts

Betty Beguiles wrote ten neat things about her and her husband, and I thought I’d play along. I was dating someone else when we met, which he did not know.  Nor do I think he cared.  He told me later he knew he’d marry me the moment he saw me.  We were already married when…

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You Charmer, You!

Esther gave me a very nice award.  🙂  I’ve been very bad about responding to these lately, but I feel guilty (Catholics do guilt very well), so I’m going to try to pass this on.  I’ll be adding the picture to the sidebar ASAP. “These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find…

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Seven Quick Takes

Is it Friday already?  Time for Seven Quick Takes, hosted generously at Conversion Diary. ~one~ I blogged earlier about how having a schedule helps me stay on track and accomplish more.  I’d forgotten how much I really need a list to get things done.  Now I need to work on getting the list in front…

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Seven Random Thoughts

I’ve got a little time before I bake my next batch of cookies for the parish’s New Year’s Eve party (after the Vigil Mass for tomorrow’s Holy Day of Obligation), so I thought I’d play along with Jennifer in preparation for Friday’s seven random thoughts meme. One: I have taken a big break from the…

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