Lawn Chair Catechism: Initiate Catholic Life

Welcome to this week’s Lawn Chair Catechism discussion! For an explanation of the project, hosted by CatholicMom.com, as well as links to the book and discussion guide, go to my page for Lawn Chair Catechism 2.0. For links to other bloggers’ thoughts on this week’s readings, head here. This week, we read about the Sacraments…

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Lawn Chair Catechism: What’s in a Name?

Welcome back to CatholicMom.com’s Lawn Chair Catechism! If you’d like details on our Summer reading program or would like to just catch up on past posts, please head to my dedicated page for details. This week, we are discussing Chapter 4: Using Brand-Name Equipment: The Trinity. This chapter starts out talking about tools (always a…

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There’s No Quick Fix to Relationships

I’m in the midst of my 11th year of homeschooling, and I have a newly-Confirmed teen in my home. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for so long! When we moved from the Orlando area to southwest Virginia, our lives changed in a lot of ways. We were no longer near family, we…

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Joy in the Cross

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to stay positive when I look at the condition our country is in. The federal government boldly persecutes Catholics and argues in court that nuns ought to be forced to violate their consciences. They make the case that a family who is being threatened with having their children snatched…

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Failing Spectacularly at Lent

Everyone once in a while, I get REALLY EXCITED ABOUT ALL THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEYING I WILL DO FOR LENT! Yes, it must be written in caps like that, too, because my brain is all I remember one year, I wanted to start to go to daily Mass, start a daily Rosary, read two different books…

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Jesus healing the sick by Gustave Dore, 19th century

Pranking Shows Dehumanize People

I was unhappy to see this tweet yesterday: Even though he’s a puppet, he knows how to Prank! Watch #Pranksgiving on Disney XD every Monday Night in Nov at 8:30 pic.twitter.com/ahWp7i34Jz — Kenneth Faried (@KennethFaried35) November 18, 2013 Really,  Disney? Thanksgiving means playing pranks? (Or badly scripting fake ones, even?) The only connection here is…

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