Seven Quick Takes: Fourth Friday of Lent

Well-Meaning, But Wrong

I blogged about my older daughter’s struggle with ADD (and mine, let’s face it!), as well as our decision to give medication a try. It was an agonizing decision, and something I thought about and prayed about and struggled with for about two years before finally acting and taking her in to see about starting…

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“It Could Help Her.”

These were words of great relief for me, hearing them from the therapist (whose doctoral dissertation was on ADHD) who had just spent the better part of an hour talking to us about my older daughter’s lack of concentration and focus. I wrote about our experiences here, and about how I’ve been dealing with behavior…

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The Brick Wall

I have always homeschooled my children, beginning ten years ago when my older daughter was almost 5. Because she was born in October, she would have missed the cutoff for Kindergarten; in the meantime, she could read and had learned to write her letters and her name. Homeschooling was what we wanted for our children…

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