Goofy, Funny, Punny Teens

My 13 year-old has been coming up with puns lately, and I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of her latest jokes. She came downstairs while I was getting ready for the day, and told me this story: Abraham came in to Sarah, and said, “You’ll never believe what just happened!” Sarah looks at him and…

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How to Annoy Your Teen in One Easy Site

Nathan found a hilarious website last night, and I can’t wait to show our 15 year-old. As much as she loves puns, she still acts all annoyed when she hears them, often just responding with, “NO.” I give to you… …! Enjoy! (And don’t try to drink anything when you click over!)

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Rockin’ the Fuzzy Feet!

I saw this on Twitter and thought it was hilarious! Albert Einstein in fuzzy slippers, c. 1950s — History In Pictures (@HistoryInPics) January 23, 2014 I love this feed on Twitter! Some of the pictures are just so interesting, and a few just make me laugh out loud!

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In Which I Prove I Cannot be Trusted to be Mature

Okay, so I write this great post about being a good wife and building up your husband, and my follow through is this video, found via this post by Simcha. I’ll also repeat her warning about the video because it’s funnier than anything I’d think of writing (just like most of her posts): (WARNING: video…

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How I Roll

GraphJam has this graph up that perfectly sums up my gardening prowess: Graph by: moon-cat via Graph Jam Builder So if I post pictures of living, blooming flowers on this blog, I expect lots of praise for not managing to kill them. And if I manage to grow a tomato and pepper plant this year,…

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Quick Notes on a Busy Weekend

Two quick things: We did a small renovation in our kitchen, and I’m planning on posting pictures because I just so dang proud of my husband for doing this job for me.  It turned out great, and he worked within some pretty irritating limitations to give me a better space (and more useful) in our…

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This punny joke would be right up Julie’s alley. There is a school bus that has its route down Sesame Street. At the first stop, a really fat Irish boy gets on the bus.  His name is Paddy O’Malley. At the second stop, a somewhat large girl gets on the bus.  Her name is Patricia.…

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