Lawn Chair Catechism: Hearing is Believing

Welcome back to CatholicMom.com’s Summer series, Lawn Chair Catechism. For details on the series, to find the book or study guide, or to catch up on my previous posts for this year, head on over to my page for this year’s series. This week, we’re talking about the Sacraments of Healing: Confession and Anointing of…

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Lawn Chair Catechism: Initiate Catholic Life

Welcome to this week’s Lawn Chair Catechism discussion! For an explanation of the project, hosted by CatholicMom.com, as well as links to the book and discussion guide, go to my page for Lawn Chair Catechism 2.0. For links to other bloggers’ thoughts on this week’s readings, head here. This week, we read about the Sacraments…

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Gifts I Don’t Deserve

We try to read the Scripture for Mass before we arrive at church. Sometimes this means we’re on the way in the car when it happens, which is what happened this past Sunday. But usually we at least look it over so that Mass isn’t the first time we encounter the readings. It gives you…

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Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

There is a mortal sin in my past life that is painful to me to think about. I regret in on many levels, including that level at which I understand that I did something to hurt God, to separate myself from Him, that put  my eternal soul in jeopardy. For years after, I would go…

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