Seven Quick Takes: #5DaysRunning, First Drafts, Dentists, and Crazy Summers

Welcome to Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted at Conversion Diary by Jennifer Fulwiler. Be sure to go check out all the other Quick-Takers at her link-up. ~one~ My kids went to VBS this week. They’re both old enough to be volunteers, which is kind of cool because I have absolutely no guilt about dropping them…

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At CatholicMom.com, I’m talking about a technological update to the old Auto Bingo games we used to get at Cracker Barrel. When my girls were little, we found these cool Road Trip Bingo cards at Cracker Barrel. We stocked up and wound up with half a dozen of these cards to keep everyone amused while…

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How Far I’ve Come

There’s this hill on the trail where I ran today. It’s pretty big, and when I was early in my Cough to 5K training, I had to run up it near the end of a 2:00 run. I was going up the gentler side of it, and I had a walking interval just after that…

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How to Annoy Your Teen in One Easy Site

Nathan found a hilarious website last night, and I can’t wait to show our 15 year-old. As much as she loves puns, she still acts all annoyed when she hears them, often just responding with, “NO.” I give to you… …NiceOneDad.com! Enjoy! (And don’t try to drink anything when you click over!)

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